Meet our Monsters

Welcome to our wonderful, colourful world of monsters. These adorable little creatures each have a name and a story because they were inspired by real kids! Every day new monsters join the club. Maybe the next monster is going to be inspired by you?

All these little monsters live in Monsterville, a beautiful land where there are rainbows on sunny days, where clouds are actually bubble gum and if you catch one you can float above the ground. All the little monsters like to create mischief, tell jokes and do their best to make each other laugh. 

At the moment a tiny little monster named Bean has the most gold stars for making the other monsters laugh. Bean loves to spend hours walking and talking with friends while eating ice cream. 

Bean the watermelon monster

Magoo is a little monster who can run as fast as a cheetah! Magoo loves ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and a pet unicorn. Magoo is always running around Monsterville playing with the other monsters.

Magoo the pink monster

Juju is a monster who can climb trees and loves to swing from the branches. Juju can get to the top of the biggest tree in Monsterville faster than all the other monsters. 

Juju the turquoise monster

Kiki likes to wear (and eat) candy necklaces while floating for hours on the purple river in Monsterville lying on a giant inflatable donut.

Kiki the orange monster

Rye is a shy monster who likes to eat pancakes and fly high above Monsterville using red bubble gum balloons. Rye flies fast like a superhero so always knows the best routes to get from one side of town to the other. 

Rye the red monster

Haywire is a tall skinny monster who creates amazing pictures of all the other monsters. Haywire’s art can get pretty messy so its a good thing Haywire’s favourite food item is also messy… Haywire loves spaghetti!

Haywire the blue monster

ToTo is a little monster who lives on the highest hill in Monsterville and can crawl into tiny spaces. ToTo loves to eat cookies roll really fast down a grassy hill right in Monsterville.

Toto the light blue monster

Etta is a monster who has really long legs who can spin around super fast. Etta spins so fast that it causes all the flowers around to fly into the air. Etta can be found whirling around town causing little flower tornados.

Etta the purple monster

Lex is a big fan of noodles, specifically macaroni. Macaroni with cheese, macaroni with butter, you name it Lex loves macaroni. Lex likes to read books while inventing new ways to eat macaroni. The latest and the craziest ingredient is peanut butter!

Lex the yellow monster

BoBo holds the record for eating the spiciest food in Monsterville, All the monsters challenge BoBo to spicy food eating but they never win. BoBo rides a bike really fast and likes to solve puzzles.

Bobo the orange monster

Panda searches all through the woods around Monsterville for fairies while eating string cheese and drinking fruit smoothies. Panda loves playing dress up and can swim long distances.

Panda the purple monster

MeMe can jump higher than any other monster. MeMe’s jumping is legendary and happens across town. MeMe has been known to jump right over monster parties making all the monsters laugh! 

Meme the Green monster

Lucky rides around on a scooter with rainbow wheels that light up at night. Lucky can often be found drinking chocolate milk through a silly straw zipping all over town.

Lucky the Blue and Green Monster

These monsters were inspired by Max, Hayden, Lucas, Miranda, Hailey, Tom, Ryan, Kira, Bob, Jude, Xander, Juliette and Maxime. Can you guess who is who?